This blog contains regular updates on my recovery from a stroke involving right side paralysis. I primarily wanted to record my progress after 22 months. Also if other stroke survivors want to see how recovery progresses, I thought it might be useful.

A number of things are clear. No one is the same, everyone is different. Recovery appears to be possible. It is not the muscles that have stopped working it is the neuro messages. To recover you have to use the muscles and eventiually your brain finds another way to make neurological messages work automatically. In fully able bodied people whe you for example learn a new musical isntrument, a part of your body learns to operate the muscle movements.

I also wanted a blog to chart my mood, which as most people know after stroke does tend to change.

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It is now 40 months or so since my stroke and I am determined to up my game over the coming months.

Two new projects I am working upon

Zadar - a CD of music, songs and stories inspired by the Sea Organ in the Croatian town of Zadar.

Life Coaching by cats - a book of drawings demonstrating the wisdom of cats.

I am also preparing a bid to get some arts funding in order to pay musicans to perform at shows.

I am also developing in my mind a play provisionaly called A...

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I was fortunate to see a video article by Dr Anna Kuppaswarmy about her research into stroke recovery fatigue.

Everyone has told me that fatigue is a key element of stroke recovery although no-one explained why.

I thought it was probably to do with the mental effort of consciously undertaking previously automated actions.

However Dr Kuppaswamy had done some very significant research and has been able to prove that it was not the mental effort of actions that causes fatigue, ...

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I've just taken possession of proof copies of my new book Snapshots of A Stroke Recovery. It is a complete rewrite of my earlier Drabble Diary of a Stroke Survivor. There was a lot of errors in the Drabble Diary and I was unhappy with the overall quality. Also I now am giving 50% of the profits to the Stroke Association. the new book is not only a complete rewrite it also contains several new stories unconnected to stroke.

Drabble Diary of a Stroke Survivor

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Just finished the lay out for Drabble Diaries of a Stroke Survivor, available soon from Success Stories Publishing and via smashwords as an e-book. As the UK Stroke Association will get 25% of the profits, Im hopeful that they will promote it

Is it any good...God knows..its rude irreverent and describes a life changing event so its got to interest someone

Mystery of the Mind

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Hello............ lovely of you to come. I’m fine now that you’ve come to visit but I was in pain yesterday.

I’ve just come back from a walk and I’m a bit tired. It wouldn’t be far for you, but it was a long way for us, particularly when we're usually in wheel chairs. We didn’t even need our frames. We went up past the church and round the back....there’s no cemetery there now, then round behind the shops, and on to where the old air raid shelte...

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I've just got involved with a new site called

There are some great online documentaries some in HD. 

Particular favourites are Sun Tzu and Mozart.

File Sharing & Record labels

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The legalities of file sharing are obviously complex and the minutiae of the defence and prosecution cases have taken the argument away from something most of us can easily comprehend .

However, I would like to state that the idea that the record labels assisted the artists is flawed.

Consider their marketing strategies….every week on Spotify (legally free) a label launches a “new” artist with their “amazing” debut a...

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Friday 15th October

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Egriega will be playing one or two tangos at the open mike night at Arthur's Folk club at the Dog and Partridge in Bollington tonight

Flat roofer in macclesfield

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Zen Tango in Roma

Posted on August 1, 2009 at 1:27 PM Comments comments (12)

Please find a video from Oscar Wright a Tango Teacher based in Rome.


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