Why I keep a fish bowl in front of a mirror

Posted on June 27, 2009 at 6:48 AM Comments comments (0)

According to the writer Jorge Luis Borges, there is a French story from the 18th Century that tells of an early legend from the Canton Province of China.

Apparently there was a time when the World of Men was differentiated from the World of Mirrors.

The creatures from the World of Mirrors rose up and invaded the World of Men. There was much ferocity on both sides, blood was spilled but somehow the World of Men managed to vanquish the invaders. The "Yellow Emperor" ordered that the forms of the creatures from the World of Mirrors be removed and that forever after they were to be replaced by replicas of the World of Men. Furthermore, the creatures were forced to imitate in servitude, the actions of those in this reality.

However, Legend has it that the World of Mirrors will rise again led by The Fish, who will come from the murky depths of the Mercury in Mirrors. This time their insurrection will not be crushed and they will triumph.

So I keep a Fish bowl in front of a mirror at all times, in order that when the insurrection changes and the mirror varies from the reality....I will know that this time has come......