This blog contains regular updates on my recovery from a stroke involving right side paralysis. I primarily wanted to record my progress after 22 months. Also if other stroke survivors want to see how recovery progresses, I thought it might be useful.

A number of things are clear. No one is the same, everyone is different. Recovery appears to be possible. It is not the muscles that have stopped working it is the neuro messages. To recover you have to use the muscles and eventiually your brain finds another way to make neurological messages work automatically. In fully able bodied people whe you for example learn a new musical isntrument, a part of your body learns to operate the muscle movements.

I also wanted a blog to chart my mood, which as most people know after stroke does tend to change.

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Is it Love or Sex?

Posted on February 14, 2009 at 4:23 PM Comments comments (0)

I just completed a new Tango song tonight called "Love or Sex......"


The new song is fundamentaly a tango but there is a definite flavour of modern R & B. Also from a commercial point of view I like the concept of pushing the question under people's it Love or Sex?




Tango in all of us to some extent.

Posted on January 27, 2009 at 6:02 PM Comments comments (4)

The Tango is an improvisational dance. The man leads... the woman follows. Although the golden age of Tango was initially almost like a burlesque perfomance that graduated into Chamber is recognised as having an intensity demonstrated by the quick head and shoulder movements.....recalling the throes of passionate love making


Tango Nueve popularised by Azor Pizzaolla added Jazz, Avante Garde and this in turn brought more fluid (although still quick) leg movements (the intertwining of limbs with flicks etc.


Fundamentally each dance tells a story of love and lust .


Why is this popular and why does it capture the imagination so?


I suggest that we as humans have an innate sexuality. The old idea that men think of sex every 90 seconds...and increasingly women also......(although I think women have always done so...but previously they have couched their lust in romantic notions).


We have these libidinous thoughts as part of our programming to seek out chances of procreation....rather like dogs.....however, with our modern lies we need to cloak this drive in a fantasy.......a fantasy that expresses the lust that is in us and that we may well have tamed. The Tango gives the opportunity to relive and re-invent the passion in a melodrama.

Marketing Music

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This music and the website is an adventure. Not a planned, backpacks, sandwiches and drinks venturing less than 400 miles from home adventure, but a drop me off in a jungle with little to assist and try and find something interesting adventure.


I am discovering that the Internet has a life force. Within one  week of going live, my YouTube videos are now appearing on other in Spanish, a couple of dance websites, a Christian web channel (obviously the reference to Temptation) and on the NME website. Presumably, some automatic search trawls for new dance video posts and brings them back to third party sites......maybe on occasion, a committed web master is looking on YouTube for relevant videos and puts them on.


I am not too concerned about this website yet as I need to transfer to its own domain. Then as stated previously I can set about marketing to Tango Teachers and Tango Groups...


Although I have sent the details of the site to friends, common sense tells me that they will look once and then never again.....although some people's friend networks would disseminate, I do not think mine will. I need to interest real Tango enthusiasts 


As has been said many ties, we are all six degrees of separation away from everyone on the planet. I need to make contact with enough people who love Tango to start a snowball.


I need to build a visitor audience before I think about the standard channels through record labels.



What is this all about!

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First, I thought it would be interesting to write a blog for all those who are invited to this site and for those who have happened upon it because they followed a link.


I have always loved the Tango Dance and Tango Music. So creating songs to Tango to is a real personal passion.


I believe there is a large potential audience for Tango Music...that may find traditional Tango Music or Nueve Tango a little impenetrable from a culturual or language perspective.....and that (Gotan Project aside - who are absolutely fab!) there is space for a songwrite/musician to further popularise the Tango.


If it's not what...I will enjoy trying.


I am currently working on the nine or ten songs that I have written...recording and re-recording them in my studio to get the voice and the feel of the music sufficiently palatable for a new audience without taking the music too far from the original spirit...although i concede that I might have overstepped a number of sacred rules and taboos.


Once I am pleased with the music, I intend to move this Freewebs site to its own domain and start promoting it to Tango Clubs and Dance Leaders around the World......I am also thinking in investing in some marketing to attract visitors


In addition, I have a number of ideas of how to visualise the music and therefore I want to create my own videos.


Instinctlively on the great music download debate...I believe music should be distributed freely  however, I am a pragmatist and will listen to the opposing target as I hinted earlier is to popularise this material and the Tango to a wider audience in the US and UK. I do not know if that audience is going to be Goths or EMOs or what have you  who like the darkness and eroticism of Tango Music or an older audience that imagines this music in a theatrical entertainment will be interesting to see if anything develops.


I do need to find ways to develop income I am not a wealthy I will probaby start with google adwords.....(currently the adverts you see go to Freewebs and fund the free hositng and site design.


For now I will keep this blog "posted"