Small Progress

Posted on March 16, 2009 at 4:10 AM

I am now rerecording and remixing all the songs. I need to get fairly definitve versions of each of the tracks so far.


I will then remove the multiple versions off You Tube and this site and get it down to a core of the best songs and versions.


These will be


Love or Sex

Neath the Tango Moon

My Temptations

Flesh and Bone

Lies Lies Lies

Don't tell me when I'm dead...


I am probably going to drop "Dark Need"....for the time being.


There is some additional material including possibly...


The Hunger

Fragile Thing

Kiss Me

Let go if you want to Tango

The Kiss of Life on Saturday Night


As stated before, once I am content with a nucleus of material...I will start sending off to Tango Teachers and Tango Clubs and Schools around the UK and then further afield.


Interesting to note that on the You Tube stats, there are strange and occasional pockets of interest. from people who happen on the material unexpectedly...last week it was Macedonia.


I need to build on this so that those pockets snowball might happen without the Tango School marketing....but one has to do al one can.




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