I suppose it was inevitable in a world where you aren't allowed in the club but you had to obey all the rules, that kids would start rebelling and cease to worship at the altar of materialism. 

Down with Ferraris, down with Rolex and Hugo Boss. If you can never afford them and are arrested when you're caught with a knock off, someone is going to develop new gods to worship and new shrines to chase.

It started in a few small estates, where all hope was gone. Those in the know mocked the idiots still chasing mainstream goals and they set up some new parameters. A few documentaries inadvertently caught on an obscure channel on a Wednesday afternoon and then Google came into its own and provided something useful. Research into African, Haitian and New Orleans culture blossomed and then something dark and sinister started to give purpose to a small group of people's lives.

Voodoo Gary and the Barcode Zombies were born and things were never the same again...